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Anonymous: Where do I find those Sperry's (Animal Print)

You could try Nordstrom or Journey’s. You can also get them online on their official site or on Amazon or eBay.

skyyy08: love the blog!

thanks :)

thatkidharrison: Clean and Classy is my all time favorite blog!! gives me a good idea on what to wear.

thanks a lot bro ! That’s what makes running this blog worthwhile, keep checking it out man!

jaydubin: Where do you get Supreme vans that you posted..?

supreme retailers. in nyc, la, london or japan. whether there are any left is unknown to me. you can also try their official online store.

yaroyani: any idea where that last bag you posted can be found? haha

You can buy it from Property Of…'s official online store. Hope it helps !

mycharmingbanana: i love your blog <3

thank you :)

wild-in: you've got an amazing blog !

thanks xx

juststeezen: :) orion jordan 7's
i own them :)

niceeee ! i saw them on their release at champs but i’m waiting for another jordan 7’s release on the 7th of may

taybangz: In your picture with the girl and the boy sitting on the ground, both wearing jordans, What are the girl's Grey jordans called?

Uh, well if you were talking about this pic

She’s wearing a fresh pair of Air Jordan XI “Cool Greys”

yeee, they’re dope kicks

xoxwithlove: niceeee bloggg! xox

thanks ! xx